President Trump Saves the Vape Industry - Then Bombs for Public Rants

Lets just start by saying President Donald Trump has given the vape industry a golden ticket to survive the coming years.

We all celebrated like it was our birthday! For once the vape industry, especially ejuice, was not looked as a flash in the pan or some relic sold in mysterious bottles with unknown ingredients. It was recognized as a means for "adults who still need or want nicotine" to get it "from alternative and less harmful sources" and "needs to be the cornerstone of our efforts". -FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb

Is this commissioner really capable of staying in office long enough to get the job done? With news of political parties turning on Trump daily, can commissioner Gottlieb, appointed by Trump, withstand the pressure? Does it even matter? Is this vape industry toast!?

"NOT AT ALL", we say. There is too much at stake and too many small businesses in America to let some minor changes put us in the ground. If you are a current vaper, just spread the word about what vaping did for you. Watch the population of Cigarette Smokers see the success's we have. Soon enough we will be heard and the evidence will speak for itself.

As for the business owners who might think only the best of the best ejuice companies of 2017 or the best vape hardware or the best vape distributor will survive, that's just not true. We all have an opportunity here, the opportunity to adapt and thrive. If we work together and grow together, be fierce and don't take no for an answer we will continue to grow.

Artist Labs has seen nothing but growth recently. We have been more than just making our way, we have been thriving.

So don't let Trump get you down by his crazy tweets and ridiculous statements. Keep Vaping on and Staying Calm!


Photo Cred - @91chainz

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