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Artist Labs Co-Packing Partnership

Being the top-rated E-liquid Manufacturer in the Pacific Northwest, Artist Labs provides an excellent service at an affordable price. Most contract manufacturers boast that they are the best at what they do. That is not always the case. We do not claim to be the best in the country or the world. We are the best to our customers and our partners. Our Co-Packing business model was built to avoid the hassle that the most well known E-liquid manufacturers tend to give the average company. We have had many cases where companies came to us from another company because they had to wait several months and sometimes over 6 months to get their first run of E-liquid. That is not the case here at Artist Labs.

Our first run of production typically takes 30 days or less depending on the criteria of the order. We have a low MOQ that doesn’t require unnecessary ordering for slow moving product. We always get verification on all flavors we make by sending out samples before we produce a final product. At Artist Labs we follow our customers recipes exactly and provide a streamlined, nationally recognizable product.

Artist Labs E-Liquid Manufacturing

We have a featured 2600 square foot facility, with ISO 7 compliant clean rooms. Our manufacturing space features accurate batch reporting, proper GMP’s, inline automated production lines for large production and inline semi-automated lines for smaller production. We boast our in house labeling capabilities and a great outsourced high-end label printing partner. Our shipping is easy, protected and fast for finished product.

Artist Labs Professional E-Liquid Bottling ServicesE-Liquids Co-packing by Artist Labs

We proudly manufacture the largest collection of brands out of Northwest Manufacturers, which means we have experience in representing other brands that are not our own. We have resources and experience in launching brands from outside the US into the US market. With our partner distribution platform and “Direct from Manufacturer Wholesale” Artist Labs will match the level of enthusiasm of any E-liquid company with excitement, sales, marketing and much more.


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