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Artist Labs is the Manufacturer for many different brands. All of which have been highly popular flavors in the vape industry for many years and continue to be innovated to stay relevant in retail stores and online retail. We have kept up with the latest trends and applied those to our product lines to be sure everything we do is the highest of quality and in the highest of popularity at all times.


We have been in the spotlight of the Vapor industry in the Northwest for 5 years and are working hard every day to bring our great products to the rest of the United States and beyond. 


We currently offer 4 brands for wholesale and are working towards offering up to 8 brands total. Each brand is available in Nicotine Salt, Standard Nicotine, and several different sizes to make sure they fit into any location and on any distributors shelf.


But why keep it small? Well, does Coca-Cola wholesale everything they manufacture? Of course not, they spend the time to focus on their main product line and work towards pushing that product in the fore-front of every single area in the world. That is our goal, we want to represent a smaller wholesale offering and do it so well that everybody wants to be a part of it!


Fill out our form today to get our products on your shelf, to get samples, to get linked up with our sales team today.

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